To advise, assess, recommend or decide.

This is what Kenseo means and this is what we do.
We specialise in providing sharp and effective advice to navigate you and your business through legal issues.

Melanie - Kenseo Law

Modern approach to legal services coupled with experience.

Kenseo is passionate about all things business related, with a focus on strategic planning, preparing and understanding legal documentation, information technology and intellectual property. We enjoy examining your legal issues and situations and coming up with practical advice and solutions to guide you and your business through them.

Kenseo embraces new technology to keep our services efficient and accessible, and we are not locked into a traditional law firm mindset. We will assist you and your business as a team member, in a way that works for you. We are happy to discuss various billing methods, including hourly rates, fixed fees, subscription fees, or similar.

Melanie Foster, the Director of Kenseo, has ten years of experience within the legal profession, including more than five years with an IT sector focus, working as legal counsel for a software firm and a SaaS start-up company. Melanie has also developed broad experience working in various commercial law firms, for the federal government, and a federal senator.

Her experience extends to negotiating and documenting significant commercial transactions and also playing a key role in large litigation matters. Given her experience, Melanie approaches legal matters comprehensively, having regard to a whole of business perspective, along with commercial realities and risk.

How we can help.

Kenseo provides a full suite of commercial and personal law services. You can expect our advice, planning recommendations, documentation and dispute resolution strategy to be clear and solutions focused.

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Kenseo Law - Advice


If you have a legal question or issue arise, we assess the situation and provide you with legal advice to help you navigate the issue with awareness of any legal obligations and risks. We can provide advice on a broad range of legal topics including:

  • contract interpretation;
  • compliance requirements;
  • employment and HR issues;
  • business transactions; and
  • legal correspondence.
Kenseo Law - Planning


We can help with your legal strategic planning. Putting in place legal plans now can help minimise risks and disputes in the future. We can assist with your:

  • business compliance strategy;
  • risk management programmes;
  • privacy and security programmes;
  • entity structuring;
  • asset protection;
  • business succession; and
  • property and asset succession.
Kenseo law - Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution

We offer guidance and strategy through a legal dispute, to help you reach resolution efficiently and cost effectively. We can assist with small and large disputes, through all stages of the dispute. We can assist in the following dispute areas:

  • debt recovery and insolvency;
  • corporations disputes;
  • contract disputes;
  • equity and trust claims;
  • employment disputes; and
  • intellectual property disputes.
Kenseo Law - Documentation


Kenseo provides services for all legal documentation stages – preparation, review, negotiation, management and enforcement. We can assist with a broad range of documents, including:

  • entity setup documents;
  • business transaction agreements and terms;
  • property transaction documents;
  • employment documents
  • business policy documents; and
  • wills and estate documents.